Thursday, 9 September 2010

the dummy spit

Knitters have the reputation of being a serene lot. I imagine most people's mental picture of a knitter is someone sitting quietly, perhaps enjoying a warm drink, possibly a knee rug, perhaps with a cat or two.

Not this knitter. This knitter has been known to swear like a wharfie, especially when knitting projects don't go to plan.

I started the French Cardi three times.

The first time I didn't check my tension before starting. My hubris was rewarded with three wasted nights of knitting.

The second restart was as a result of an armhole being too tight. Not an entire restart, but a significant amount of unpulling was required.

Thirdly, after knitting about half of it, I decided it was too long.

So, for now, I've taken my needles and balls of wool and gone home. I'd like to say I'll give it a go at some point in the future, but I know I won't. I'll just have to keep admiring the French Cardi on others.


Kate said...

Oh no, really hate that. My husband constantly reminds me that my craft room isn't a shearing shed and once or twice I have heard the girls yell 'swear jar Mummy'. Apparently I owe it quite a bit.

fi said...

you she THIS is why i dont knit! xo

Stomper Girl said...

Aww. Maybe next year?

librarygirl said...

That exact cardi is my motivation for learning how to knit.

BTW thanks for the tea cosy pattern you put up , I've nearly finished the first side!