Thursday, 12 August 2010

testing, testing

With the Royal Show about six weeks away, I've been working hard to perfect my scone and Anzac making. Those in the know would probably judge this batch to be too brown. I figured that if I covered them in jam and cream, the unofficial judges at at home would never know they'd spent a few minutes too long in the oven. It worked a treat.

I think I was on Twitter whilst they were in the oven, hence the overcooking. Never bake and Tweet, people. A recipe for disaster.

The Anzac testing is making lunch box packing a breeze. The boys love them and I figure they're a good compromise between healthy and nutritious. I admit to being a bit of a lunch box stickler and like to send off a well balanced, junk free lunchbox every day.

Imagine my horror when after a recent lunchbox audit the boys' were not in the 16% of kids who were judged to have a junk free lunch box. Apparently the humble Anzac was considered a "sweet". Sweet they are, but a lunchbox nasty? I don't think so.


h&b said...

You're such a bad mother - those scones are practically inedible and you failed the lunchbox audit. There's a special place in hell for people like you.

( I wonder if they serve wine - meet you by the bar? Flaming Lamborghini x deuce ? )

Christie said...


that is so silly, I think a homemade treat is MORE than fine as part of a healthy lunch.

Kirsty said...

The scones look pretty darn good to me. A healthy glow I'd call it.

As for the 16% thing. Homemade anythings should have earnt bonus points in my opinion.

h&b said...

look at me, all alone on the diss-mobile.

Perhaps I should be more supportive.

Those scones look delicious!
But when you bring over my samples, i'd like them non-burnt.


Mookah said...

I'm with H&B. When i come I prefer the under cooked, slightly doughy version, and if they've got dates in them, then all the better!

Does this make you a 'sconnoisseur'?

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh my mother makes a MEAN ANZAC biscuit, actually makes it in a slice form & cuts square biscuits from it, heavenly. She has a 1950's Navy wife recipe, so many of her best work is from that era or recipes.
Oh how many scones are you boys going to eat, lucky blokes!! Mmmm. How on earth can a homebaked ANZAC biscuit not be judged junk free, good grief, there are enough oats to keep an elephant regular in each bite!!
I know the teachers watch our children eat (recess & lunch is eaten in the classroom before they are allowed to play) & i get a gold star each parent/ teacher interview. Ahhhh . . . my children just love fruit & carrots, ham sandwiches, how simple. I do give them the odd chocolate chip cookie, no doubt, on junk free judgement day & they'll fail. Seriously, they ARE the school cross country team, hardly going to touch their sides.
Oh so annoyed they weren't judge junk free, start a petition, it's not like you sent peanuts, which are up there with radioactive waste or bringing a hand gun to school in our area!! Love Posie

Liesl said...

Hey lady, are you my competition at show this year? Its a scone-off. I hope you're familiar with the Bunfight at the OK Tea Rooms?

阿袁袁袁袁華 said...

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nicole said...

Any chance you'll give your, no doubt, super secret recipe to an international reader? I was in Australia as an exchange Student ages ago and one of my host mums made scones for Christmas. Of course I didn't think to get the recipe back then, but I still dream of those delicious little things!
(email=url, replace obvious bits)

m.e (Cathie) said...

hilarious! I saw Liesl earlier tonight & she mentioned that you were in the same competition. go girls!!
i agree, homemade anything should be given an honourable mention!