Sunday, 31 May 2009

mug cozies

Mug / coffee cup cozies have recently been added to the Sheeps Clothing range.

Knitted on smaller than usual needles and / or slightly felted, they are sure to keep your hand cool and your beverage of choice hot.

They are now available in the Made It store and soon will be at Leeloo as well. Fancy a different colour? Be sure to let me know as my yarn stash covers all the colours of the rainbow.


KikiMiss said...

Stacey, I just adore these!!!! They are fantastic and do they really work (yep, dumb question I know...) to keep the bevvie warm and your hands cool?

Melody said...

Oooo I like, I like!! Great idea. I hope they are a success for you. (And if I was living in Melb I would be buying a couple of those, alas I am sitting in a cool villa with the outdoor temp being 40-something.)

Sarah said...

Very cute. My hairdresser always serves me a coffee with a little knitted beanie!