Monday, 25 May 2009


I first met the Mookah girls, Leisa and Nicole, some 18 years ago when I worked with their Mum. Marg's a lovely lady and I remember her being kind enough to duck home to grab a skirt for me when I split mine from hem to waist band during a vigorous lunch time game of table tennis.

As well as being sewers par excellence (as in ones who sew, not the less savoury, smelly kind), Leisa is a dab hand with beetroots, of which we recently had a glut.

When sending me her recipe for pickled beetroot, Leisa did warn me that it is a messy process. She wasn't kidding. If you think my fingers are covered, you should have seen the camera after taking these photos.

But look how pretty the finished result is! The pickled beetroot recipe can be found at the Mookah blog and the lovely creations shown in this post can be found at the Mookah Etsy store or can be bought from them at one of their regular market appearances around Melbourne.

A bit more about Team Mookah:

Mookah is about the recent journey of two sisters through a change of location, lifestyle and a dream to do something creative and enterprising together.

The original concept was to create a range of stylish, affordable home decor items using contemporary, bold fabric designs that are predominantly inspired by nature to reflect the environment that they both now find themselves in. “The studio is set on 4 acres of land surrounded by natural coastal bushland and not a day goes by without sighting some kangaroos, wombats or echidnas and waking up to the raucous laughter of the kookaburras in the eucalypts at daybreak, and we wanted our creativity to try and reflect all of that”.

Both sisters have moved to Inverloch in the last 12 months, which was almost a homecoming, being close to where they both grew up, and brings them physically closer to the rest of their family. “What a perfect environment we now find ourselves in for exploring creativity inspired by nature!”

With the first child of the ‘thirty something’ sisters having recently arrived, it was almost inevitable that their product range would be adapted to also include a collection of unique designed children’s soft toys, as well as custom designed beanbags and floor cushions for children using bold, modern, funky fabrics.

“While we have our own product range, we are more than happy to do custom orders such as fabric bed heads or extra large fabric wall hangings for that centerpiece in your home or office.”


sue said...

Ooh I love your magoo monkey, how cute is he. I made one not so long ago. The beetroot pickle looks nice too.

M+B said...

I have just given you a plug over at my blog. We love your hats :)