Monday, 20 April 2009

harvest time

The vegetable harvest is in full swing, and is often the case with home grown veggies, we now have a glut.

The broccoli is the latest to be ready, and this morning I picked three large heads and there's still another four or so to be picked. Broccoli is probably the most commonly eaten green in this house as I don't like stringing beans and peas are second only to tea (as in cup of) in terms of my most despised food / beverage. Cook's rights.

We've exhausted the lettuce, or rather it's exhausted us. A punnet each of rocket and cos were planted and we took the remove the required leaves approach (as opposed to pulling out a full plant). This worked well for so long, but when the lettuces grew to triffid like proportions and were blocking the sun from the windows, we knew it was time they went. Next time, one punnet of mixed lettuce might be more apt.

Also finished are the coriander, spring onions and beetroot, leaving only the leeks, chilli and cauliflower.


M said...

Ha! I've just had to pull out much of my rocket as it grew too fast and to big too quick - it's now mulch for my just planted beetroot, cauli and broccoli.

Melody said...

Awesome. My MIL's vegie garden in Vic had sooo much fresh produce when we were staying there, it was unreal. I remember too her rocket growing so triffid like it had to be pulled out and piffed.

M+B said...

Wow that broccoli looks awesome. Makes me think I really must do some planting!

Anonymous said...

Our brocoli is still a way off but we are still enjoying all our greens and a few pumpkins. Last year we had 'triffid' black tuscan kale so am hoping for some more of that! We're taking it quietly this winter, both us and the garden needing a bit of a rest after three seasons on the trot. Best of all, my quince are almost ready!

Louise said...

We had great success with broccoli last year too. You really have inspired me to plant more. I made the best cauli/broc, red pepper salad for dinner tonight with a lemon/mustard dressing - yummmm!