Sunday, 19 April 2009

cozy up

Last week my copy of Pretty Little Cozies landed on the door step, some 12 months or so after my project submission.

My initial proposal was for a handkerchief cozy, but apparently there isn't much call for those. If my handbag is representative of handbags in general, surely something is needed to protect one's hanky from mouldy banana, half eaten chocolate bars and pens minus their caps.

A few adjustments, out with the hanky, in with the lipsticks and the project was accepted.

There's some really pretty and clever projects contained within the book (apart from my own of course), including the stunning coffee pot cozy as shown on the cover. I believe the book is to be released in May, but can be preordered through the Lark Books website.


CurlyPops said...

That's gorgeous! How exciting to be published.

Christie said...

Congrats! Must be great to see your work in print!

Jodie said...

How exciting! Now you are famous!

Kate said...

Congrats! The book looks fantastic!

Louise said...

Oh well done!!!! I got one accepted for next year and it seems so long to wait to see it published. I'll have to get my hands on this one as they are a lovely series.