Wednesday, 4 March 2009

stitches and craft workshops! book now!

Bookings have now opened for the Stitches and Craft workshops. I'll be a busy little bee over the course of the show presenting a few different workshops and a studio to boot.

The Introduction to Knitting classes are targetted at absolute beginners, so if you've never picked up the needles but always wanted to, now's your chance. Each participant will receive a showbag packed with handouts covering all the things we'll cover in the class, so if you're like me and it goes in one ear and out the other, you can pick it up again at home.

A set of knitting needles is being provided by Birch and you'll also receive some lovely pure wool from Nundle. With separate classes aimed at children under 14 and adults, there's no reason everyone can't learn to knit.

For the little ones there's Make Your Own Hair Clip classes. The kiddies come along, select their clip, fabric yoyo and button combination and put them all together. They'll take away the finished clips in a cute little organza pouch.

Lastly, I will be holding a free studio presentation, Beyond Knit and Purl . This event is focussed on sharing information to help new knitters get the best results possible. Useful topics to be covered include the differences between UK / US / Australian pattern terminology, checking your tension, sewing up your work and tips on yarn substitution.

The Living Creatively team have put together a fantastic programme. There's sure to be something that takes your fancy.

See you there!


Cass said...

I've just come from Jodie's blog reading about all the exciting stuff she is doing at the show and then the next updated blog on bloglines is yours. I'm very jealous of all the exciting things happening and can only hope the Sydney is just as good

M said...

Now I really wish I was in Melbourne.

PL asked again last night if I could teach him to knit. Given the last two times was somewhat of a disaster I think I've convinced him that crochet might be more his thing (implements not as sharp, just one implement to use as a sword).

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Yes you will!

Jodie said...

How fantastic are the workshops? There are so many I would like to do!

M+B said...

I noticed Perth is not on the list! Do you think you could swing a road show towards the west?

CurlyPops said...

Oh wow that sounds so amazing. I wish I could come along to all of the workshops!

Jenn said...

Adorable! What a great idea!!


Jessica Marie said...

i'm really really coveting all that pink yarn :D