Thursday, 12 June 2008

ladette to lady

Is anyone else lamenting the season end of Ladette to Lady?
I adore this show - it makes me feel very refined and lady like by comparison.

Holly was my favourite ladette - I imagine there aren't many peoople under 5' tall that can down a pint of beer like she does and that Essex chick accent is fantastic.

As for the "eligible batchelors" - do men like that really exist? Just between you and me, I've become a wee bit obsessed by the reptilian Saxby twins.

Check them out - eeeuwww....


Violet & Rose said...

Oh, and such a fairytale ending - the girl who sold her horse for drugs and drink becomes aquainted with horses again and it changes her life! Pass me the tissues. With you on the Saxby twins, they seemed to stick their tongues down girls throats at the drop of a hat - and some of those creepy and rather preditory older men! I loved Simone's accent. She sounded like Tom Jones! And walked like him too.

Mrs. G. said...

I don't know this show, but I'm pretty sure I could hang with these girls.

BigCat said...

Yep, I'm missing it. I couldn't take to those pompous Saxby twins but the girls had me totally hooked.

Louise said...

Those girls were fabulous this time - all the answering back was brilliant. And I was also a fan of sweet?! Holly and the reformed (sob) horsey girl. And those boys, reptilian was such a good word to describe them and the creepy older guys!

h&b said...

So *this* is how we got ontot he topic at the cafe - you blogged about it !!

I missed the end of this series I think, but I liked the army girl. I liked the more 'solid' girl from the last series too ( I think she won it ?!? )

I've got a thing for posh speaking public school Brit-bad-boys. I think those brothers might share a few 'social' diseases though. Eww.

( and lovely to meet you FINALLY - and love the cap - thankyou thankyou thankyou ! Will have to take a pic of the boy modelling it ! )


Fairlie said...

Hmmmmm. Eligible? I guess it's all a matter of definition!