Thursday, 22 May 2008

the man who came between us


I think it sounds a bit schoolgirlish to call someone your best friend when you are in your 30s, but surely its okay when the person in question has held the title since before you were even in primary school?

The good thing about having one friend, who is closer than all others for such a long time (30 years plus), is that there's not much about me she doesn't know.
There's no point putting on any airs and graces as she remembers when I used to eat dirt.

Why bother doing my hair and putting on make up when we used to have matching blue eyeshadow, frosted pink lipstick and spiral perms?

No point eating and drinking delicately as she was there when I drank so much raspberry cordial it came out my nose.

No need to pretend to be wordly as she held my hand when I cried for my Mum on my first day of school.

I can honestly say we've barely had a cross word in the last 20 years (the first 10 featured a few Baby Alive related scuffles) and only then it was the heated, ongoing and yet to be rectified debate - Gary or Martin Kemp - who's hotter? I'm still not backing down on this one and if you're not along side me in the Gary camp, don't be telling me about it.

Between us now we've got 31 years of marriage, five kids, but its all threatening to come to an end - all because of a man. But not just any man. This man.

The BF claims Bill Bryson is patronising and condescending to those he meets on his travels. She finds it offensive. I also think he's patronising and condescending, but I find it funny. Really funny.

The Thunderbolt Kid strangely made me feel nostalgic for a place I have never been and a time that existed before I was born. How can a writer that does that be wrong?

It could end in tears.



Cass said...

Love those 70's photos Stacey. I think I have some that look identical. How come all photos from the 70's look the same LOL

Violet & Rose said...

And may I just say you haven't changed a bit since 1976. Well, you might be a bit taller ...

Cass said...

Stacey the link from the comments on my blog works now.

jellyhead said...

Oh what a sweet, sweet post! I, too have a best friend from years ago, but we were twelve when we met. I envy you having a friend from early childhood.

By the way, I'm with you on Bill Bryson. He is a bit arrogant and presumptuous, but he makes me laugh out loud.

Kirsty said...

Gorgeous post Stacey.

joanne said...

God loves best frriends! I have one too - we generally talk crap and eat lots of chocolate together.

Leni and Rose said...

What a lovely post, reminds me why I'm still best friends with my best friend after 26 years! Thanks!

Corrie said...

how cute are you both!!!! I must admit I read a few bill bryson books ages ago and realised yes he does actually put people down BUT he is funny!

he's definitely not the most attractive man in the world so I'm sure you can agree on that one!


Kate said...

Love the photos! I find him funny too - his books are always a good read.