Wednesday, 5 March 2008

made it? why, yes i did

Have you checked out Made It lately? If you haven't visited in a while, I recommend (nay, insist) you head on over and check it out right now. Lots of new loveliness being added every day!

My aunt turns 70 next weekend and I bought this bag for her from My Studio.

I made my first sale on there during the week too:

Word on the grapevine is that there's lots of promotion coming up over the next few months. Yay for clever Australians!

1 comment:

nutmeg said...

That bag and your hat put my crochet granny squares to shame! I've not visited the site before but will add it to my favourites - looks like a great place to buy individual-type gifts.

Ps. I don't know if you have email alert on your comments but I also left comment on a post a week or so ago as well. Just catching up on my blog reading!