Monday, 23 July 2007

new stuff

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I really like doilies. I love the effort that has gone into them and the pretty designs. Unfortunately I don't have the patience or the skill to make them myself - but luckily I have a Mum who made a few way back when. In the time honoured tradition of children, I have appropriated these now for my own use, regardless of whether Mum actually still wanted them herself. Thanks Mum!
I have been wanting to make something out of doilies for ages and have settled on tea cosies. These three pics are of my first attempt which is now available in my Etsy store. It took me ages to get my head around which way to sew it up so that the batting ended up on the inside of the whole package, the fabric ended the right way out and there were no visible seams. Serious mental gymnastics were undertaken!!

I must stress that the doilies I am using for these are not ones my Mum made. However mercenary I might be, I wouldn't go so far as to bastardise a lovely keepsake from my Mum's younger days for my own commercial benefit. Honest..

Now, if you are looking for something to read whilst working through a pot of tea that is being kept lovely and warm by the aforementioned tea cosy, look no further than this. Can't wait to see the first issue:

How's that for a seamless joining of topics. Sometimes I scare even myself..


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Yay for crafty Mums and yay to those tea cosies - They look fab! Sara x

Alis said...

Fab tea cosies.
Well done your mum for the inspiration.

hugs, Alis

joanne said...

now I am no tea cosy expert but they are hot!!!

Cosy said...

I think your cosies look great and a great use for doilies! (I'm a doily collector/hoarder too.) Can't wait for my Mixed Tape too!!

WendiWinn said...

loverly (and quite fantastic)tea cosies.