Friday, 20 July 2007

have some soup, victoria

We lived in the north of England for a few years back in the mid 90s and I said that after a Yorkshire winter I would never complain about Melbourne's weather again. That lasted all of one winter. Probably not even the whole winter.

The last few days have been cold, definite soup winter.
My current favourite is one I have "adapted" from a Jamie Oliver recipe, and here it is. To do it in true Jamie style, just talk in an exaggerated Essex accent, throw in a few "pukkas" and "lovely jubleys". I swear, he becomes more of a self parody in each series. And as for his wife, don't get me started...

2 x cans of chick peas
1 x large potato
2 x leeks
1 x small onion
2 x bay leaves
1 tbs olive oil
1 x minced garlic
1 litre chicken stock
salt & pepper

Drain and rinse the chick peas.

Finely chop the onion and soften in the olive oil. Peel and dice the potato, peel and chop the leeks and add these to the onion and oil. Add the garlic. Cook over a medium flame for a few minutes.

Add the chick peas, stock and bay leaves. Simmer until the potatoes are cooked.
Remove bay leaves, puree and season with salt and pepper.

I like to pass the soup through a wire strainer to remove the stringy bits of leek and chick pea. Bit of a hassle but makes all the difference to the texture of the soup.

Speaking of self parodies from Essex, I watched the Victoria Beckham show on Monday and I have to say I have slightly revised my attitude towards her. I tuned in expecting to poo poo her and her vacuous lifestyle, which of course I did, because that is just what I do.

Okay she should do with a good feed, and she wears heels with her bathers at home (its one thing to do it by the pool at some fabulously exclusive hotel in St Tropez - which of course is what I do when I am in St Tropez - but at home? Doesn't she own thongs (flip flops)? Poor lass, perhaps she can't afford them.)

I enjoyed her ability to take the piss out of herself and her public image. I particularly liked her impression of a blow up doll - it works well with her blow up boobs.
Rug up everyone - looks like the weekend isn't going to be much warmer. I hope Victoria has a nice warm cardie to go over that dress.


Alis said...

Oh you do make me smile. I don't watch much TV but, I definitely would if you were around.

joanne said...

I agree with you about victoria beckham - I laughed because she was actually funny ... a bit crazy and over glam but anyone who can laugh at themselves is pretty likable in my book. She sooooo needs a hamburger though and a boob deflation device.

samantha said...

ok the boob thing is just disturbing - but otherwise I'm always happy to laugh along with someone who is laughing at themselves! and would you believe that earlier this week as I was rearranging my pantry with my new tupperware containers I was wondering why the *ck we have so many chick peas - but hey, now I know what to do with them!

Cathy said...

lol i didn't watch the show, but loved your take on it! victoria does need some soup or a burger as somebody suggested...and yes those inflated boobs are a little disturbing...hehehehe

h&b said...

I do like my Naked Chef cookbook - probably use it more than any other. This soup has to be on the cards this week, I reckon !!

As for Vic .. I watched too .. but she was a bit of a snipe-dog to that lovely P.A. she ended up hiring.

And the P.A. on David:
"Well, he's not ugly"
"OMG, i'm sorry, i'm so nervous"

lol ;)

h&b said...

Made the soup !


Made the husband a bit stinky though :(