Wednesday, 6 June 2007

artist of the week

With apologies to my international readers (I know you are lurking out there - come on in and say hi), I am featuring another Australian etsy seller this week to do my bit to reduce the trade deficit and because we are a really clever and talented bunch of people (with the exception of the short, rodent-like bloke who works - but refuses to live - in Canberra).
This time it is Belinda at Tutti Fruiti wearing the bejewelled crown and carrying the gold sceptre of Artist of the Week. A much deserved crowning as her work is divine and she has a great blog too!
Belinda has been a busy bee of lately, with products not only in her etsy store, but also online at Modamuse and in store at Meet Me at Mikes. Congratulations Belinda - now descend the stairs gracefully and smile at the judges (trying hard not to fall on your arse like Miss USA).


Belinda said...

Thanks for the shout out, much appreciated!

samantha said...

they are really lovely - and isn't that some aunty cookie fabric I spy?!