Thursday, 10 May 2007


I've been tagged by Tiger Girl. I feel sort of honoured and scared at the same time. What if this exposes how really uninteresting I am?
Here's the rules. Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself. People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog and then tag seven other poor unsuspecting saps and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment to tell them they have been tagged and to read your blog.

  1. I love to read and will read just about anything. My favourite authors include Alice Munro, Joyce Carol Oates and Margaret Atwood. The best book I have read recently is Mercy Among The Children by David Adams Richards.
  2. I hold a licence to drive a paddle steamer.
  3. I was the school captain in primary school.
  4. I am incredibly awkward and have many stories about falling in spas, rivers, down steps, etc. I once tripped up a flight of steps whilst carrying a strawberry milkshake and threw the milkshake over some German tourists coming down the steps.
  5. I was born on Fathers Day, my husband on Australia Day, my Dad on Anzac Day, my brother on Labour Day, my elder son on the first day of the Sydney Olympics and my second son on Christmas Day.
  6. I hate peas, olives and offal.
  7. I had show horses as a teenager and would one day love to have "room for a pony" - to quote Hyacinth Bucket.


tigergirl said...

Wow - you were all born on 'special days'!!

Got to agree about the offal too.

tigergirl said...

Hey - you forgot to tag 7 others.