Friday, 11 May 2007

now in store at Meet Me at Mikes

The lovely people at Meet Me At Mikes, 106 Bridge Road, Richmond are now stocking the Sheeps Clothing range.

If you are in Melbourne, you must get yourself down there and have a good look around this lovely little store. Be sure to allow plenty of time, you'll need it! There's plenty to keep everyone interested and lots of "oh my god, I remember those...." moments to be had. They are great supporters of the crafting community and I hope everyone in turn will support them as well.

In fact, I think you need to set aside a full day and do the whole Bridge Road thing - lunch at Richmond Hill, afternoon tea at that bookshop that has the cafe (can't remember the name) plus lots of shopping as well. What better way to spend the day?

meet me at mikes

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